iMEdD’s incubator hosts profit and non-profit organizations as well as individuals and teams who wish to create an organization or implement a specific innovative project in the field of journalism. It aims at embracing the ideas of participants and offering them all the necessary tools, know-how and support to bring their ideas to life. Our ultimate goal is for all teams to interact, building a very creative and innovative group of independent journalists and media professionals. The maximum time of supporting organizations or projects, is 9 months from the date of their selection.

The incubator offers:

  • strategic advice and mentoring from local and international experts
  • networking opportunities with experts from Greece and abroad
  • access to workshops and events organized by iMEdD
  • fully equipped workspace and the necessary equipment and tools to bring ideas to life
  • consulting services for the organizations’ launch and operations

Selection Process & Criteria


All interested parties can submit applications within the predetermined period which is announced timely by the organization. Applications are open to university students and alumni in the journalism and media field as well as professionals.

Selection Process

The selection is performed by an independent high profile selection committee consisted of academics and professionals from Greece and abroad, who evaluate candidates based on predefined criteria. The committee interviews the shortlisted candidates and unanimously selects the ones that will participate in the program.

Selection Criteria

The selection is based on quantitative and qualitative criteria related to both the individuals/teams and the idea. More specifically:

  • Sustainability of the project idea or the organization
  • Growth plan and potential
  • Innovative business model
  • Clarity of implementation plan and budget
  • Energy, passion and vision of the individual/team

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