by Giorgos Moutafis

For 15 years, a photojournalist has been witnessing the dark trails migrants follow in their attempt to cross into Europe. 

Wiped from time and existence. 

People in a state of constant movement and precariousness, in unfamiliar and inhospitable places. 

“The conditions at the European border are the reason why I chose to make the documentary, “the Other Half”. I wanted to bring to the surface stories that we only know in fragments, stories of people lost anonymously, all of who together ultimately narrate the politics around migration nowadays.”

Giorgos Moutafis, Photoreporter, Filmmaker

Recurring motifs of death, dismay, exhaustion, displacement and repatriation run deep in Giorgos Moutafis’ work. 

The camera takes us into inaccessible corners, captures stories of people pushed to their human limits and reveals how “The Other Half” live. 

The documentary won the Special Jury Prize at the Youth Jury Awards category of the 24th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (March 2022).

The documentary was screened at Danaos Cinema on December 3 & 4.