by Marianna Kakakounaki

A Turkish couple flees the country to escape persecution after accusations of ties to the 2016 military coup against president Erdogan. Their journey is filled with tragedy. They have very little left to lose.

After so many days of being together, sleeping at their homes, eating their food, I felt like a family member and got really close to them.”

Ebubekir and Gonca are among more than one million Turks who were accused of terrorism and ties to the coup.

Journalist Marianna Kakaounaki, spends months with them in Greece, an interim station, away from home.

She connects with them without a translator, developing their own communication code.

Around them, an ever-growing community of people who shared the same fate.

And together, they tell their story, through Marianna’s first feature documentary. How from Invisible they become Visible again.

The film was officially selected by the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival to have its world premiere in April 2021 and was nominated for the F:act award, a cross-section between documentary film-making and investigative journalism.

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