by Kostas Koukoumakas

A look into the economy of legal and illegal cannabis through investigative reporting in Greece, North Macedonia and Albania. Part of the project has already been featured in BBC News and VICE.

I realized how demonized the cannabis plant is, and how the legal growers of medicinal and industrial cannabis were -justifiably- wary of talking to me.”

Consequently, our goal is to build the hub of new age journalism and a strong community of independent media professionals within a welcoming space that embraces synergies and the development of ideas and new endeavors leveraging the most up to date technology. The Organization follows international standards and works closely with the local and global academic community as well as other similar international organizations and high profile professionals worldwide. The venture started with two directions, the Ideas Zone and the Incubator, and four more were added: the Lab, the Bridge, Inside the Box and Out of the Box.

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