The venture started out with two directions, the ideas Zone and the incubator, while two more – the Lab and the Bridge – where added within the first year. In the second year of our operation, we launched two additional pillars: Inside the Box and Out of the Box.

Our structure, which follows international standards and is inspired by similar international organizations, is shaped by the demands of current events along with the needs of the industry and is dynamic and, to some extent, experimental.

The ideas Zone aims at sharing and exchanging information, experience, know-how and best practices with the participants. More specifically, it includes various thematic cycles and numerous workshops and events, covering relevant aspects of journalism from a theoretical and practical point of view.

The incubator hosts profit and non-profit organizations as well as individuals and teams who wish to create an organization or implement a specific innovative project in the field of journalism. It aims at embracing the ideas of participants and offering them all the necessary tools, know-how and support to bring their ideas to life. Our ultimate goal is for all teams to interact, thus building a highly creative and innovative community of independent journalists and media professionals.

iMEdD LAB logo

The LAB is iMEdD’s content production division which publishes original interactive investigative and data-driven stories and content deriving from iMEdD’s programs and activities. It also features people and ideas who change the industry. The Lab is experimenting with new forms and tools in journalism while it supports journalists and researchers who are interested in adopting them.

iMEdD Bridge logo

The Bridge develops synergies with initiatives from Greece and abroad focusing on social issues through journalism. In these cases, journalism serves as a tool for freedom of expression and a vehicle of democracy for population groups that do not have direct access to sources of information.

iMEdD Inside the Box logo

Inside the Box has the mission to diffuse ideas, transfer know-how and good practices, as well as strategically guide and implement projects in relation to the actions of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

iMEdD Out of the Box logo

The Out of the Box pillar, involves content productions that are co-organized and implemented with the participation of iMEdD. The objective for this action pillar of the Organization is the development and implementation of experimental and innovative, “out-of-the-box”, ideas for journalism projects.