Apply now for the new training course on investigative journalism by iMEdD and GIJN

The Global Investigative Journalism Network and iMEdD’s training pillar, Ideas Zone are coming together to offer this unique program specifically tailored for reporters with little to no experience ...

European Press Prize 2024 Shortlist announced

The European Press Prize has unveiled its 2024 Shortlist, featuring outstanding journalism from across Europe. The Shortlist comprises 25 projects selected from almost 800 submissions in 35 languages.

Registration is now open for the Media & Democracy Summit by SNF Ithaca Initiative and iMEdD

Journalists, academics, and students worldwide will discuss media’s role in democracy and the challenges that the information and technology pose in citizens’ lives.

Gen Z, Media and Climate Change: Panteion students’ podcasts, in collaboration with iMEdD

In the framework of iMEdD's collaboration with Panteion University, third-year students from the Department of Communication, Media & Culture created their own podcasts on Gen Z, Media and Climate ...

Empowering Journalists: Basic Life Support Training

The Foreign Press Association has joined hands with the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Intensive Care Task Force to organize two seminars, in the context of iMEdD's ideas zone, aimed at providing ...

Opinion article – Fan violence, ultras and hooligans

James Piotr Montague | The trend in football violence across Europe is actually moving away from the football stadium. The hooliganism we once knew, and occasionally witness at a game, has morphed ...

Premiere for the new audio documentary “Hooligan Express”

On Thursday 28 March, a special hearing-premiere for journalists was held, where "Hooligan Express", iMEdD's new audio documentary, was presented for the first time.

“Desks in the Aegean”: Browse the third issue dedicated to the sea

The third issue of "Desks in the Aegean" dedicated to the sea, is now available online to read.

SNF Dialogues present in the USA a series of open discussions on civic engagement and civil discourse

In a fast-changing world, civic engagement is vital. SNF is launching a series of open discussions through the SNF Dialogues initiative, aiming to bridge the gap between passive involvement and ...

Presentation of the investigation “Tracing the Path of Greece’s Plastic Waste”

iMEdD in collaboration with Solomon organised an open event to present an investigation on the recycling of plastic waste.