Navigating burnout: A guide for journalists

AX Mina (Ana), Leadership Trainer and Coach at the The Self Investigation, offers her insights into burnout in journalism.

Digital transformation in the newsroom

iMEdD dives into the sphere of digital transformation in journalism by interviewing three leaders in the field, who participated in the iMEdD International Journalism Forum.

The droughts are a “bell” for future floods

Thessaly's recent floods emphasize the need for advanced flood protection, meteorological data monitoring, and climate crisis research to reduce extreme weather impacts.

Opinion article – The power of networks for Investigative Journalism

Emilia Díaz-Struck | Training and resource sharing are key to strengthening the (journalistic) community. Networking allows us to find answers together and explore opportunities.

“Desks in the Aegean”: Island students shaping stories as editors

"Desks in the Aegean" is the first school newspaper project that fosters creativity and journalism skills among young students on seven Aegean islands.

The Shadowy World of Telegram Hooligans

How do Croatian hooligans, fan groups in Ukraine and Greece, and far-right ideologies intersect? An iMEdD investigation explored their Telegram-driven networking and their connections with extremist ...

European Press Prize 2024 calls for the best journalistic stories

The European Press Prize for 2024 is now open for entries until Dec 15, 2023. Eligible: Journalists from 46 European countries, Belarus, and Russia. Works published: Dec 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2023.

Save the Date: Journalism Events in 2023 you need to know [Part II]

A compilation of key journalism events/forums and conferences that will take place in 2023 worldwide. The list is indicative and is constantly updated.

New Podcast: Born Greek – Made American by Katerina Bakogianni

In 1952's Cold War Athens, 4 men, including Ilias Argiriadis, were executed as communists. By 1955, two of his daughters were sent to the US for adoption. Katerina Bakogianni's 5-episode podcast ...

#iMEdDIJF23: Today’s topics – discussed. Tomorrow’s stories – in progress.

Over three days, 140+ speakers from 35 countries engaged 1450+ participants in 59 sessions at the Forum, covering topics from the climate crisis and migration to AI advances and press freedom.