by Giorgos Iliopoulos & Sofia Exarchou

The island of Imbros and the coexistence of its displaced residents attracted the interest of the director, who spent 40 days with them in an effort to gain their trust and become integrated into their daily lives.

I read what history said and then tried to understand what was the real case. Books can’t inform you on the reality that comes from peoples’ words.”

Giorgos Iliopoulos

A journalistic mission to Imbros in 2015, intrigues director George Iliopoulos, who returns 5 years later with a four-member crew.

He creates, with Sofia Exarchou as the producer, an ethographic documentary.

People persecuted for different reasons, from different races, with different cultures and religions, they coexist side by side on the island – a crossroads of refugee flows.

Although they are initially cautious, eventually, they allow the creator, to enter their daily life, in his attempt to convey a sense of their life…a life that could be an allegory of the multidimensional 21st century ​itself.