by Giannis Adamidis & Timos Papadopoulos

A company for the production of multimedia news content aimed at adding quality to media publications, especially websites.

Being journalists ourselves, we knew there was a need for premium content creation to avoid flat news visualization, especially in websites. Thats why we created Medianext.”

Journalists Giannis Adamidis & Timos Papadopoulos, identify a lack of news visualization in the electronic media.

They decide to start a company with the ambition to reduce the monotonous publishing of the same news and create and offer tailor-made multimedia news content.

Modern formats such as infographics, explanatory videos, 360° videos, podcasts, two-dimensional and three-dimensional maps, social media content, recordings and audio clips, come to enrich the quality of the news, upgrading the content, to attract more audience for longer.

One year after applying to the incubator, Medianext is now up and running, has its own website, and produces multimedia content for its customers.