Green transition on the edge of Europe

by Enri Canaj, Dimitris Bormpoudakis, Evangelia Drakou

Photos, sounds, data, and keywords from four Greek islands

In order to avert climate change, a Green Transition away from fossil fuels is underway. This new global energy future will rely heavily on renewable energy infrastructure such as wind power parks and solar farms. However, the Green Transition entails yet under-reported new injustices along class, gender, or ethnicity lines and is transforming natures, landscapes, and livelihoods across the world.

We are telling the story of these Green Transition injustices in a journalist-led science-based multimedia exploration focusing on four Greek islands that are undergoing such a transition to renewable energy (Crete, Evia, Astypalaia, and Naxos). We prioritized photography, combined with soundscapes, recorded interviews, data, and maps to provide a multi-modal experience.

As a team, we combined the individual characteristics of each one of us in order to uniquely document and write such a story. A photographer/photojournalist kept the project in the journalistic context; a scientist and sound artist provided the link between the science and public-facing aspects of the project; and a respected interdisciplinary academic provided the necessary scientific knowledge legitimacy required.