Here you can find all our past events and discover upcoming ones to participate in.

We organize various events individually as an organization or in collaboration with prestigious professionals and/or organizations from Greece and abroad.

From single-day workshops to longer series of events, we host initiatives, doing our best to showcase useful tools and methods, as well as exchange views and experiences with the community.


SNF Dialogues: Generation Social

6 JUNE Alternative Stage, Greek National Opera

SNF Dialogues, as part of the 2022 SNF Nostos Conference on health, will talk with young people from around the globe about social media and the mental imprint it’s leaving on their generation, the …



“Parontes” is an initiative, which consists of different projects with a common element and goal of the immediate recording of Covid-19 disease and its effects on social, health and economic level, but also in every aspect of our lives. The project that initiated during the first lockdown, is evolving in parallel with the spread of the pandemic.


A handy data visualisation tool based on data drawn from declarations of wealth and assets (pothen esches) submitted by party leaders, ministers, MPs and MEPs – created by Achilleas Galatsidas.


The first feature-length documentary film directed by journalist Marianna Kakaounaki. 

The film will be screened at Danaos (109 Kifissias Avenue, Ampelokipi) on December 4 and 5, at 4PM EET.

A Turkish couple flees the country to escape persecution after accusations of ties to the 2016 military coup against President Erdogan. Their journey is filled with tragedy. They have very little left to lose.

 The film made its world premiere at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (CPH: DOX) 2021, nominated for the F: ACT award. The documentary was also screened at the 23rd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

COVID-19: The Spread of the Disease in Greece & Worldwide

A web application that was created and is managed by iMEdD Lab with the purpose to facilitate the work of the journalistic community and to inform anyone interested in the spread of the pandemic in Greece and around the world. 

It shows the geographical distribution of confirmed recorded cases in our country and globally, and of COVID-19 fatalities by country on the world map, while it presents the course of vaccination by region in Greece. It also comprehensively presents analyses on the evolution of epidemiologic data in Greece and across the globe, by country.

Web APP: Auctions in Greece

The iMEdD Lab’s online application was created for the purpose of informing any interested party of the evolution of auctions in our country, but also with a view to facilitating the work of journalists and researchers in general.