iMEdD Bridge develops synergies with initiatives from Greece and abroad focusing on social issues through journalism. In these cases, journalism serves as a tool for freedom of expression and a vehicle of democracy for population groups that do not have direct access to sources of information.

About the Bridge

Our synergies so far include: 

GLOBALGIRL MEDIA (GGM) which develops the voice and media literacy of young women, ages 16-22, in underserved communities by teaching them to create and share digital journalism designed to break gender boundaries, ignite community activism and spark social change.

Migratory Birds, a newspaper in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, English, and Greek founded by Afghan refugee girls who live in Athens with content produced solely by teenage immigrants, refugees, and Greeks. The goal is to put across the principles and values of journalism, promote cross-cultural dialogue and help children exercise their basic rights such as freedom of opinion and expression. The newspaper was produced by the Network for Children’s Rights.

Shedia Magazine, is the only Greek street paperand is distributed in Athens and Thessaloniki since February 2013. In June 2021, with iMEdD’s support, Shedia published its first english edition, including a Responsible Tourism guide.

The Non-profit NGO “Me alla Matia” aims to develop actions to familiarize the public with disability, as well as the operation of the only in Greece fully accessible web portal iMEdD provided journalistic support to the broadcasts of “Me alla Matia – Live”, presented by Vangelis Avgoulas, which aims to provide information to both the disabled community and the whole society.

“Desks in the Aegean” is the first inter-island school newspaper and is created in the framework of the civil non-profit organization Regeneration & Progress’ programme, “Sports Paths”. iMEdD provided journalistic support and guidance to the “editorial” team. Read the first issue

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