Bridge – The Greek street paper Shedia publishes its first-ever English edition

This summer, the Greek street paper Shedia will publish an English edition that will include a responsible tourism guide, aimed at expats living in Greece as well as tourists visiting the country.

The street paper will be distributed by Shedia’s vendors, who belong to vulnerable groups, like homeless or long-term unemployed people who live well under the poverty line. As is the case with the Greek edition of the street paper and, indeed, with all street papers around the world, the vendors will keep 50% of each copy sold (i.e. €2,50), providing them, thus, with the opportunity to earn an income, in a dignified way, that will allow them to meet some of their most basic needs.

A multi-page Responsible Tourism Guide – printed on environmentally friendly paper – is featured in the English edition of Shedia street paper. It is a guide the leads readers and visitors to the Greek world of solidarity, social enterprises, NGOs, cooperatives and many more civil society organizations and groups of people that offer a vast array of goods and services, as they strive to be socially useful in a sustainable way.

The English edition of Shedia is published with the support of iMEdD.

“We have created the Bridge Pillar (, through which we collaborate with initiatives from Greece and abroad that approach social issues through journalism,”

said journalist Anna Kynthia Bousdoukou, CEO of iMEdD and Executive Director of SNF Dialogues.

“Our collaboration with Shedia is the new project of Bridge. This is an innovative project, very useful for society, which at the same time reflects the uniqueness of this magazine, where journalism is a vehicle for improving the living conditions of the people who distribute it. We gladly accepted the request to support the implementation of this publication, participating in the creation of a useful tool, which aims to inform and activate the visitors of Greece during the summer, giving them the opportunity to use the time they will spend in the country. us. This is how we perceive journalism, after all. As a means of expression, but more importantly as a vehicle for democracy.”

The edition, printed on high-quality paper and designed by one of the best international design offices in Greece, includes selected interviews and interesting stories about the people and the place.

The new publication will hit the street of Athens on Wednesday 16 June, 2021.

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