The “Desks in the Aegean” participated in their first journalism workshop

Following the effort to introduce young people to the world and the value of Journalism, 16 of the students participating in the “Desks in the Aegean” initiative, who come from seven Aegean islands (Agios Efstratios, Astypalaia, Kastellorizo, Kasos, Leipsoi, Nisyros and Fournoi) found themselves at the iMEdD offices to participate in their first journalism workshop held within the iMEdD Bridge pillar.

After the welcome by iMEdD’s Managing Director Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou, the baton was passed to Bridge’s Project Manager, Anastasia Moumtzaki. Afterwards, iMEdD’s journalists Kostas Koukoumakas and George Schinas, with their interactive presentations in the workshop that followed, gave students the opportunity to develop their journalistic skills through practical exercises, learning the fundamentals of a real reportage and understanding the vital role of images in storytelling.

Among other things, the students had the opportunity to practice writing a 50-word news story which they presented to the rest of the audience, with iMEdD journalists giving advice and guidance on the best ways of writing.

The day-long workshop was concluded with a guided tour at the Kathimerini newspaper, where the students had the unique opportunity to see the many different departments that make up the operation of a newspaper, but also to find themselves in a real newsroom “in action”, with the editors working feverishly for the next issue.

“You gave us the opportunity to get to know the world of journalism… It was an honour to meet you…” was the comment of one of the students from Fournoi High School after the workshop. “Thank you for the new horizons you have opened up for us!” said also a high school student who travelled from Agios Efstratios.

It is worth noting that “Desks in the Aegean” is the first inter-island school newspaper implemented within the framework of the “Sports Paths” program of the civil non-profit-making organization Regeneration & Progress, with journalistic guidance and support from iMEdD.

“Desks in the Aegean” was launched during the previous school year, with a pilot issue themed around “Summer”. Through systematic meetings held throughout the preparation of each issue, in an attempt to simulate real “journalistic meetings” under the guidance of iMEdD, the students came into direct contact with the creative process of journalistic research and editing, choosing for themselves the topics they want to deal with. The June edition marked the collective effort of students from different remote Aegean islands. Following the successful publication of the first issue, and always guided by the enthusiasm of the students for their participation in such an undertaking, the course of “Desks in the Aegean” continued with the aim of publishing three more issues for the school year 2023-2024, starting with the December issue on “Christmas”, and the publication of two more issues in March and June.

A total of 36 elementary and high school students from the Aegean islands actively participate as editors for the creation of the newspaper, always with the valuable support of their teachers.

Read the first two issues here.