Me Alla Matia live: Holidays and disability

➥ How many and what options does a person with a disability have for a holiday?
➥ What are the five most important things to look out for before setting off?
➥ How accessible are tourist facilities for people with disabilities in our country – and the most touristic country in Europe?
➥ How are guide dogs for the blind treated on their travels? What does an accessible destination mean for a deaf person? And where in Greece can a person in a wheelchair even go scuba diving?

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The show’s coordinator and host Vaggelis Avgoulas discusses with:

  • Kamil Goungor: activist, travel blogger, electric wheelchair user
  • Juliana Bousi: Philologist, Goalball athlete, guide dog handler
  • Panagiotis Pitsiniagkas: Motivational Speaker, Inclusion Programme Coordinator, Wheelchair user

Intervening, via video, Konstantinos Samaras – Teddy Samaras, Deaf Special Education Philologist and Author.

Throughout the show, the audience participates live through the social media of!

Interpretation in Greek Sign Language by HandsUp, with the interpreters Elena Tsarsitalidi – Elena Ayame and George Stathis

With SDH subtitles by ATLAS E.P. and Dr. Emm Patiniotaki

The show is implemented with the support of the non-profit journalism organization iMEdD (incubator for Media Education and Development).