Bridge: Online Workshops for the “Migratory Birds” team of young journalists

In collaboration with the “Network for Children’s Rights” for the “Migratory Birds” project.

iMEdD‘s Bridge pillar continues its action, supporting activities that touch on social issues via journalism. In this context, iMEdD Bridge collaborated with the “Network for Children’s Rights”, implementing a series of on-line workshops on a variety of topics exclusively addressed to the team of Young Journalists of the project “Migratory Birds”.

Through the workshops, the Young Journalists group had the opportunity to discover the different aspects of journalism as a profession, meet established colleagues of the industry and further investigate journalistic practices and tools.

The SERIES of iMEdD’s Bridge online workshops:

  • Daily Newscast – Aggelos Petropoulos, News Editor in Ant1 Newscast
  • Foreign Correspondents – Phoebe Fronista, Freelance Tv Producer – Reuters News Agency
  • Journalistic Reporting – Theodoros Chondrogiannos, Journalist
  • Photo Reporting – Lefteris Pitarakis, Chief Photographer in AP Turkey
  • Online News – Theodora Vasilopoulou, Editor in Chief in
  • Journalistic Documentary – Marianna Kakaounaki, Journalist
  • Τravel Journalism – Giannis Ntrenogiannis, Journalist specialized in Travel Journalism
  • Film Reviewing – Christos Mitsis, Film Critic
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“Migratory Birds” started out as a multilingual, teenage newspaper based on the teamwork of the New Journalists, a group comprising teenage refugees, immigrants and Greeks. Lately, the group has moved forward, establishing their own website featuring texts in English, Greek, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu.