Me Alla Matia live

“Everything you wanted to know about disability (but were afraid to ask)”

Young, disabled people invite us to break stereotypes, get to know their everyday lives and say things… as they are.

➥ What words (don’t) we use when addressing a disabled person?
➥ How does Social Media help with disability awareness?
➥ Can a person who uses a wheelchair drive a car?
➥ How does someone who has no fingers write?
➥ How does a blind person use their mobile phone?
➥ Can a disabled person have sex?
➥ Can you be diagnosed with autism after the age of 18?
➥ How do we serve a blind person we’ve invited to our party?

These are just a few of the questions we often hear about people with disabilities
On Thursday 23 February 2023 at 17:00, tune in through’s Facebook and YouTube!

Blind lawyer and show host Vangelis Avgoulas discusses with:

  • Stefanos Vouros: Senior Copywriter
  • Mary Mitsaki: Manager of the social profile @autism.greece
  • Grigoris Chrysikos: Co-founder of Cool Crips

aiming to answer in a simple and understandable way what you would want to ask a disabled person.

The show will be joined by Ms Maria Moussmouti, Dr. Law, Executive Director, Centre for European Constitutional Law – Themistocles & Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation, Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, talking about inclusive language.

Send us any possible and impossible question you have until then on the social media of and we will try to answer all of them…

Because only if we discuss openly, we will be able to reach inclusion (and solve our questions)!

At the same time, short videos will be presented as part of our #SpeakUp campaign that has gathered almost 10 million views, as well as videos from the guests’ Social Media that highlight aspects of the daily life of disabled people.

The live webcast “Me Alla Matia Live” is the only show in Greece that comes from and addresses people with disabilities, approaching a huge range of issues related to everyday life, needs and developments around disability.

🎤 Throughout the show you can participate live with your questions, through the social media of, and we will broadcast your comments and opinions live!
🤘 The show will be broadcast with live interpretation in Greek Sign Language and will be available soon with SDH subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing people.
🙏 The show is implemented with the support of the non-profit journalism organization iMEdD (incubator for Media Education and Development).