Programs underway and new Organization pillars

iMEdD, already featuring 10 active projects underway in the context of the Incubator pillar, currently plans a program of on-line workshops for Autumn 2020 via the Ideas Zone pillar, records and provides ongoing information about the course of COVID-19 in our country and globally, via the interactive application of iMEdD Lab, continues its synergy with the “Migratory Birds” in the context of the Bridge pillar and inaugurates 2 new pillars: “Inside the Box” and “Out of the Box”.

Out of the Box

In specific, via the Out of the Box pillar, content productions will be co-organized and implemented with the participation of iMEdD. The objective for this action pillar of the Organisation is the development and implementation of experimental and innovative, “out-of-the-box”, ideas for journalism projects.

Inside the Box 

The mission of Inside the Box is to diffuse ideas, transfer know-how and good practices, as well as strategically guide and implement projects in relation to the actions of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). In this way, the SNF DIALOGUES initiative, which foster exchange of ideas in order to encourage and elevate public discourse, is now included in iMEdD’s pillar Inside the Box, for it to be further enriched through the journalistic identity of the Organization. The Inside the Box pillar started its operation in August 2020, while it is soon expected to include more projects arising from the activities of the SNF.