Ideas Zone

Ideas Zone aims at sharing and exchanging information, experience, know-how and best practices with the participants. More specifically, it includes various thematic cycles annually and numerous workshops and events, covering relevant aspects of journalism from a theoretical and practical point of view. A highly respected and well-known member of the local or global academic and professional community or a top notch institution, certified in the specific subject, leads every thematic cycle. Professors and highly respected professionals from around the world share their experience and also exchange ideas and opinions with the participants.


Lecturer: Yiannis Papadopoulos, Journalist

iMEdD’s Ideas Zone programme continues this year with a new theme cycle titled “Narrative Techniques & Jurnalism Writing”, co-organised by Journalist Yiannis Papadopoulos.

Composing a journalistic text is no simple task.

iMEdD in collaboration with the journalist of “Kathimerini”, Yiannis Papadopoulos, organises a cycle of three two-hour meetings to examine how adequate material is collected in the research and reporting phase and how this is subsequently handled.

The goal is to learn how to keep the interest of readers from the first to the last paragraph of a journalistic text.

The seminar, through examples and practice, will examine how a journalistic text is structures, the narrative techniques from the introduction to the epilogue, how to avoid clichés and mistakes, how to describe scenes, persons and places emphasising on the details, without being lyrical or pompous.

The cycle, consisting of 3 weekly two-hour meetings, is addressed to experienced professionals, young journalists as well as journalism school seniors who would like to learn the “secrets” and “techniques” of journalistic writing.

The seminars will be launched on Friday 28 February and will end on Friday 13 March with 20 journalists in total as participants, chosen after consideration of applications by the iMEdD and the lecturer team.  

Participants’ meetings will be held at the iMEdD premises (3A Stadiou street – 6th floor) and they will be given access to all the necessary tools, material and equipment.

The application process began on Tuesday 11 February and closed on Friday 21 February at 23:59 pm.

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