Ideas Zone

Ideas Zone aims at sharing and exchanging information, experience, know-how and best practices with the participants. More specifically, it includes various thematic cycles annually and numerous workshops and events, covering relevant aspects of journalism from a theoretical and practical point of view. A highly respected and well-known member of the local or global academic and professional community or a top-notch institution, certified in the specific subject, leads every thematic cycle. Professors and highly respected professionals from around the world share their experiences and also exchange ideas and opinions with the participants.

Currently ongoing:

Upcoming *:

* Following developments in the outbreak of coronavirus in Greece and for preventive reasons, the upcoming workshops are now postponed and on hold. New dates will be announced shortly.

  • Advanced Editorial Illustration Workshop, with Viktor Koen (MFA Illustration, School of Visual Arts) and Alexandra Zsigmond (The New York Times)
  • Narrative Techniques and Journalism Writing Style, with Yannis Papadopoulos – Thessaloniki

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