Ideas Zone

Ideas Zone aims at sharing and exchanging information, experience, know-how and best practices with the participants. More specifically, it includes various thematic cycles annually and numerous workshops and events, covering relevant aspects of journalism from a theoretical and practical point of view. A highly respected and well-known member of the local or global academic and professional community or a top notch institution, certified in the specific subject, leads every thematic cycle. Professors and highly respected professionals from around the world share their experience and also exchange ideas and opinions with the participants.


Lecturer: Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Documentary Filmmaker/Journalist

iMEdD’s Ideas Zone programme kicks off this year with a new theme cycle titled “Basic Documentary Filmmaking”, co-organised by award-winning Documentary Filmmaker and Journalist Yorgos Avgeropoulos.

The 8-week cycle is aimed at those who want to learn or deepen their knowledge in documentary making in order to tell their own stories. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to each stage of production, through theoretical and practical lessons, and will be invited to complete their own short film (5 – 10 min) under the umbrella theme set by the iMEDd. The creators will then merge their films into a single documentary film.

The programme launches on Monday 03 February and ends on Friday 10 April and participants will include 10 filmmakers working in teams of two, chosen after consideration of applications by the iMEdD and the lecturer team.  Participants’ meetings will be held at the iMEdD premises and they will be given access to all the necessary tools and logistics equipment.

The application process began on Thursday 16 January and it will remain open until Friday 31 January at 23:59 pm.

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