Local News – An iMEdD initiative for supporting and promoting regional news media in Greece.

iMEdD (incubator for Media Education and Development) is attempting a new initiative, the Local News programme, with the aim of increasing the visibility of the regional Press to the broader media community and the public. With the promotion of the quality and independence of collaborative journalism at the core of its mission, iMEdD aims to highlight not only the value of local news, but also its vital role in the quality of democracy and public discourse at a local and national level.

At the localnews.imedd.org website, which will continuously evolve with the aim of acting as a meeting point for local Press, an index of local and regional Media in Greece is already available, the result of an initial list created by the Organisation, using data based exclusively on publicly available information.

More specifically, the list of local and regional newspapers was based on the  Registry of the Secretariat General for Media and Communication (SGMC) and the list of the Association of Provincial Print Media Proprietors.. The list of local and regional news  radio and  television stations was based on the lists of the  National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV). The list of local and regional news websites was based on the Registry of Digital News Media Enterprises. Media that could not be found there were added to all of the lists, as they came about from interviews with journalists from the regions, and then verified through journalistic and online research.

On the initiative of iMEdD, discourse and an exchange of views is already underway with journalists and local media representatives from various parts of the country, with the aim of adding as many colleagues as possible to this process so that future actions and the next steps can be determined jointly, based on individual needs.

At the heart of this plan is strengthening of interregional journalism, with the aim of promoting content on a local and trans-local level.

For more information on Local News project, please contact us at [email protected]