Lab is iMEdD’s content production division. Focusing on data journalism and adopting a high modern paradigm in journalism, Lab produces and presents original content, with data at its core: in, you can find investigations, analyses, and interactive visualization of data, relevant methodologies and datasets, new ideas, and people who change the media industry, as well as content that derives from the organizations’ initiatives.

About the Lab

Lab’s mission is to promote data journalism and disseminate best practices investigation, fact-checking, contemporary narrative techniques and the implementation of a code of ethics and transparency in journalism.

Specifically, Lab:

  • produces original investigating projects and analyses
  • openly shares methodologies and techniques in data analysis as well as the databases
  • promotes best practices in journalism
  • experiments with new forms and tools in content creation
  • publishes content originating from iMEdD’s other activities
  • supports independent projects of journalists and other professionals from the early stage of data processing and analysis until the final presentation

Lab believes in open and freely available information. All content produced by Lab is open and free under a Creative Commons license.

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