Migration crisis: collateral damage of the EU’s “development” agenda

“Sometimes, when you are working on migration and you don’t feel the impact directly, investigative journalism is very important as a reference. If one day we are going to change the legal framework, media organizations will give the necessary material”, said Haïfa Mzalouat during the panel “Investigative Journalism, and migration: the costs of fighting impunity”, on the first day of the iMEdD International Journalism Forum. 

As Inkyfada’s Editor-in-Chief, Mzalouat oversees all articles but also conducts her own investigations. Since Ιnkyfada was created in 2014, it has pledged to promote press freedom. By bringing developers, designers, and journalists together, Inkyfada produces dense pieces on Tunisian affairs, used by academic and non-academic audiences alike. In what is now an autocracy, after President Kais Saied’s suspension of the Constitution and announcement of rule by decree in 2021, migration is one of Tunisia’s many ongoing crises.  

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