Solomon is a non-profit organization founded in Athens which uses the media as a tool for social inclusion and change. Solomon brings people from different backgrounds to the forefront. Its aim is to build bridges among communities, and work together to create a safe environment for the exchange of ideas and dialogs regarding the issues that matter to and affect our lives.

  • The investigative podcast of journalists Stavros Malichoudis and Iliana Papangeli, entitled “THE REVOLVING DOOR”, in which the complex reality of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers is explored, participated in the 3rd cycle of the iMEdD incubator. 
  • Stavros Malichoudis and Aristea Protonatariou, members of the Solomon’s journalism team, presented a toolkit on journalism and mental health in the framework of iMEdD’s International Journalism Week. Also, in the same context, Iliana Papangeli, journalist and director of Solomon, held a workshop on “First Steps in Journalism”.