“Shedia” is Greece’s only street paper. Like all street publications, “Shedia” isn’t available by conventional means of distribution but can be found in the city streets, sold by specific vendors. It provides a way to earn a living for people experiencing poverty, homelessness and long-term unemployment. It is a unique employment opportunity, enabling the world’s most disadvantaged people to earn a dignified income and rebuild their lives. In addition, it is a long-term tool for social transformation that connects people across harmful social barriers and advocates for the needs and rights of people living in poverty.   

“Shedia” is an independent publication, adhering to the principles of constructive journalism. It is a magazine covering a wide range of topics, with social issues being at the forefront of the editorial team’s priorities. 

  • In June 2021, with iMEdD’s support, Shedia published its first english edition, including a Responsible Tourism guide.