Athens Photo World

Athens Photo World aims to showcase the work of photojournalists and their contribution to shaping the image of our world and documenting moments of history in the making, in times of political and social upheaval and reclassification. At the same time, an intended purpose is to showcase Athens as the meeting point of photographers at a time of rapid transmission of images, news and developments.

  • In the framework of iMEdD’s ideas zone pillar, Thanassis Stavrakis, Yannis Kolesidis and Lefteris Pitarakis of Athens Photo World, held a two-day workshop on Contemporary Photojournalism in 2019. In 2020, Lefteris Pitarakis also conducted a workshop on Journalism and Trauma together with Gavin Rees, Dart Center’s Senior Advisor for Training and Innovation. 
  • In addition, in the context of iMEdD’s International Journalism Week, Thanassis Stavrakis, Yannis Kolesidis and Christina Kalligianni held a flash session on photography as an integral part of news coverage.