European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet)

EDJNet is a network of independent media organisations and data newsrooms producing and promoting data-driven coverage of European topics in several languages. The network brings together journalists, developers, and policy experts. EDJNet works as a collaborative community, news aggregator, and learning hub.

  • iMEdD is an EDJNet member. In this context, iMEdD Lab takes part in cross-border collaborative data investigations co-created by different EDJNet members each time. 
  • iMEdD in cooperation with international independent journalistic organisations, such as EDJNet, has created an online observatory platform to document the developments and impact of the events surrounding the crisis in Ukraine. 
  • Federico Caruso, journalist and Syndication and communication manager at EDJNet, presented a case study on “Building trust through data – and collaboration”, as part of iMEdD’s International Journalism Week.