Me Alla Matia Live: Mental Health First Aid

The coordinator and host of the show "Me Alla Matia", Vangelis Avgoulas, discusses with his guests about mental health first aid.

iMEdD Lab participates in Mapping Diversity, a large-scale data investigation and analysis mapping the honoured individuals in the streets of Europe

In 30 of Europe’s biggest cities, streets named after women make up only 9% of the streets dedicated to individuals, while on average, 91% of streets named after individuals are called after men.

How The New York Times is helping local journalists who have ‘tons of ideas and no time’

Former executive editor Dean Baquet talks about the paper’s new investigative fellowship for local reporters By Kristen Hare, Local News Faculty at Poynter *This article is a reproduction of the ...

Survey: Data Journalism evolution over the last year

The second annual survey conducted by on the State of Data Journalism in 2022 is now published and the key findings are available in Greek by iMEdD Lab. What are the biggest ...

Timeline of the Russian invasion in Ukraine

The iMEdD team monitors international media sources and organisations, recording daily highlights of the Russian invasion in Ukraine to create a chronology of the war.

Investigation: The slow death of open data in Greece

iMEdD Lab publishes Eliza's Triantafyllou investigation on open data in Greece. 

Gen Z and Media: Panteion students’ podcast project, in collaboration with iMEdD

In the framework of iMEdD's collaboration with Panteion University, third-year students from the Department of Communication, Media & Culture created their own podcasts on Gen Z and Media, as part of ...

Special Hearing Event: Μute – The Silent Violence of the Parting Walls by Andreas Vagias at 25th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival

The podcast Mute - The silent violence of the parting walls, which was awarded by the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival and iMEdD the Podcast Development Award for an original audio ...

Agora Talk by iMEdD at 25th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival

The iMEdD Talk titled The intersection of journalistic investigation and documentary filmmaking took place on Wednesday, March 8th, at MOMus Museum of Photography, within the framework of the Agora ...

Podcast | Small Talk: Think Global, Report Local

Nicholas Dawes, the executive director of THE CITY, talks about how it produces high-impact local stories covering New York. THE CITY is an award-winning, nonprofit news organization in New York City ...