iMEdD Collaboration with Panteion University

A strategic collaboration between iMEdD and Panteion University (PU) has just been formed in a bid to promote joint investigative and academic activities, encourage the exchange of expertise, help ...

Video: Marc Marginedas

Every year, dozens of journalists are killed, abducted, or imprisoned simply for being journalists. One of the many journalists targeted for seeking the truth in order to inform the public is Spanish ...


On the occasion of the results of two surveys - conducted by iMEdD in cooperation with the Public Opinion and Market Research Unit of the Research University Institute of the University of Macedonia ...

Award for Podcast in development in “Mute – The silent violence of the parting walls” by Andreas Vagias

The proposal for the implementation of the podcast "Mute - The silent violence of the parting walls" by journalist Andreas Vagias, won the "award for the development of an original podcast" created ...

Me Alla Matia live: Life with visual impairment and additional disabilities

The coordinator and host of the show "Me Alla Matia", Vangelis Avgoulas, discusses with his guests about "life with visual impairment and additional disabilities".

incubator 2022: Climate Inequity

Within the context of raising awareness and informing the public about climate change, the incubator announces “Climate inequity” as the main theme for its 4th cycle.

A survey across Greece: Do we trust journalism?

In a bid to further explore attitudes and opinions regarding journalism, iMEdD conducted two nationwide anonymous surveys in collaboration with the University of Macedonia’s Public Opinion and Market ...

“Truth still matters”. Christiane Amanpour will never stop believing it.

Christiane Amanpour talked to iMEdD during International Journalism Week 2022 about the difference between neutrality and objectivity, how women’s movements strengthen democracy and why she refused ...

It’s a wrap for International Journalism Week 2022

Journalists from all over the world gathered in Athens for a 5-day discussion on the lack of trust in the media and its subsequent impact on the relationship between journalism and democracy

International Journalism Week resumed for its 5th and final day with a discussion on Press Freedom Independence and Sustainability, an open call for incubator 2022 launched by iMEdD and a European Press Prize community event

Day 5 commenced with the first-ever European Press Prize community gathering in EPP’s ten years of operation followed by the theme announcement for incubator’s fourth cycle