iMEdD’s 5-year journey: Nurturing ideas, shaping stories, inspiring change

iMEdD’s journey begun 5 years ago when it officially launched operations in February 2019 with a 24hour event. This event provided us with the opportunity to introduce ourselves, share our vision, and unveil our strategic plan.

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From its inception, iMEdD has been driven by a multifaceted approach, with a focus on content creation, support for journalists, training initiatives, and strategic collaborations. Content lies at the heart of iMEdD’s mission, serving as a beacon of credible information for the public. Through diverse storytelling formats like articles, podcasts, documentaries, and interactive applications, iMEdD has fostered a community around its vision of serving the public with integrity.

Where to find our content

iMEdD is enhancing as a content hub for journalists and the public, housing all stories and formats, including investigations, podcasts, and videos.

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In response to global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, Russian’s invasion of Ukraine, and the Middle East Crisis, iMEdD has launched initiatives such as:

The organization’s commitment extends beyond its own content creation efforts, as it actively supports journalists and organizations through programs like the incubator for journalists, bridging gaps in information access, and fostering meaningful collaborations.

Explore some of the content pieces we supported through the incubator and Bridge pillars:

Training the community through the ideas zone pillar

Training lies at the core of iMEdD’s ethos, empowering the community with essential skills and tools for credible journalism. Through thematic workshops, events, and specialized sessions, iMEdD has equipped journalists with knowledge in data journalism, digital security, investigative techniques, and more.

Who our partners are

Strategic collaborations have been instrumental in iMEdD’s growth, forging partnerships with prestigious entities like the European Press Prize, European Data Journalism Network, Global Investigative Journalism Network, Columbia Journalism School, and European Journalism Centre. These partnerships have facilitated knowledge-sharing, networking, and the promotion of journalistic excellence on both regional and global scales.

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We are further involved in…

In SNF Nostos, iMEdD contributes by curating conference content and producing material through its journalistic team. 

In addition, iMEdD collaborates closely with the SNF Dialogues initiative to create content and organize events, both online and in-person.

Our annual gathering

The iMEdD International Journalism Forum stands as a testament to our growth; it started locally, expanded globally, and in 2023 hosted over 1450 participants and 140 speakers, embodying our commitment to media evolution.

As iMEdD celebrates its fifth anniversary, it continues to push boundaries, driving positive change and shaping the future of journalism.

What’s coming next?

The iMEdD International Journalism Forum returns to Athens, Greece in September 2024, uniting journalists, media professionals, students, and academics dedicated to advancing investigative journalism, innovative storytelling, and international media trends in a dynamic in-person gathering. Submit your proposals on panel discussions, keynotes, case-study presentations, workshops, and other innovative formats by March 15.

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