Evia Film Project: iMEdD Masterclass with Yorgos Avgeropoulos:

Journalism in the production of an environmental documentary Within the framework of Evia Film Project’s (15-19 June, 2022) events, documentary filmmaker, journalist and director Yorgos Avgeropoulos ...

The best European journalism: The European Press Prize announces its winners.

The European Press Prize announces the winners and runners-up of its 2022 edition.

Opinion Article: “A Matter of Trust”

Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou I When facts are absent from this equation and misinformation prevails, then the consequences on the quality not only of journalism, but of democracy as well, are disastrous.

Thessaloniki Film Festival is teaming up with iMEdD – incubator for Media Education and Development

Thessaloniki International Film Festival and iMEdD - incubator for Media Education and Development are delighted to launch a new collaboration. Through a series of talks, podcasts, developmental ...

Generation Social

SNF Dialogues, as part of the 2022 SNF Nostos Conference on health, will talk with young people from around the globe about social media and the mental imprint it’s leaving on their generation, the ...

SNF Nostos Health June 23 & 24, 2022

A landmark event in the effort to inform, discuss, and lay the foundations for quality health care that is accessible to all.

May 3 – World Press Freedom Day 2022

In the annual Reporters Without Borders (RSF) report, Greece went from 70th place in 2021 to 108th in one year, ranking last in the EU.

Local News – An iMEdD initiative for supporting and promoting regional news media in Greece.

The strengthening of interregional journalism, with the aim of promoting content on a local and trans-local level.

Opinion Article: “How local journalism can help protect the freedoms of a democratic society.”

Three thoughts on helping to sustain strong local journalism.

International Journalism Week 2022 by iMEdD: A Matter of Trust

5 days where international organisations, members of the journalism and student community come together to share experiences, opinions and knowledge.