Sustainable journalism: Practical steps to fund your work

In today's world, journalism is crucial, but what happens when funding issues arise for journalists and newsrooms?

Storytelling on TikTok: Opportunities for journalists

Three journalists explain at the #iMEdDIJF23 how they use TikTok to create impactful content that both informs and entertains the public.

Submit your podcast proposals – Deadline extended

iMEdD and Thessaloniki International Film Festival seek podcast proposals for original journalistic content. Submit yours by February 9.

Join iMEdD as a Community Relations Manager – Apply by January 11th

Join iMEdD as a Community Relations Manager in the Communication Department. Apply by: 11th of January 2024.

Forced disappearances in Mexico: safe journalism, safer lives

iMEdD interviews investigative journalist Marcela Turati to explore Mexico's disappearance crisis, shortcomings in the state apparatus, and journalists' future actions.

Tipping into the basics of AI: Lessons from Jonathan Soma

Professor Jonathan Soma offers key insights into Artificial Intelligence, catering to both beginners and seasoned journalists.

Navigating burnout: A guide for journalists

AX Mina (Ana), Leadership Trainer and Coach at the The Self Investigation, offers her insights into burnout in journalism.

Digital transformation in the newsroom

iMEdD dives into the sphere of digital transformation in journalism by interviewing three leaders in the field, who participated in the iMEdD International Journalism Forum.

The droughts are a “bell” for future floods

Thessaly's recent floods emphasize the need for advanced flood protection, meteorological data monitoring, and climate crisis research to reduce extreme weather impacts.

Opinion article – The power of networks for Investigative Journalism

Emilia Díaz-Struck | Training and resource sharing are key to strengthening the (journalistic) community. Networking allows us to find answers together and explore opportunities.