Award for Podcast in development in “The End” by Nadia Mehdi

The winner was announced at the 26th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival’s closing ceremony.

The proposal for the implementation of the podcast “The End” by audio producer and artist Nadia Mehdi, won the “award for the development of an original podcast” created by iMEdD in collaboration with the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

We read in the abstract of the application:

“The End” is a poignant and immersive artistic audio documentary that follows the work lives of three death doulas as they help their wards to navigate their end of life journeys. Beyond providing solace and companionship, these doulas help their wards embrace acceptance for whatever comes next. While many contemplate living well, “The End” poses the often-overlooked question: What does it mean to die well? The documentary will move beyond the clinical realm of end of life care to encompass the emotional: what it feels like to face death and aid others in doing so. “The End” immerses listeners in end-of-life journeys, encouraging a nuanced exploration of the metaphysical facets that underpin the doulas’ mission. Through this introspective lens, the documentary offers a profound meditation on the intrinsic dualities of existence, challenging us to redefine what it means to navigate the final chapters of life with grace and purpose.

The proposal scored the highest on the criteria set out (journalistic value, originality of subject and presentation, methodology, documentation and realistic context of implementation).

The winner of the award will work for 4 months with iMEdD, which will support the development of the content, the integration/enhancement of best journalistic practices, the provision of logistical equipment and the execution of production, fully covering the financial needs for the completion of the project.