ideas zone 2023: Training on Anti-Surveillance and Digital Security

The new ideas zone cycle is dedicated to "Anti-Surveillance and Digital Security". For 3 weeks, professional journalists will have the opportunity to attend in English and free of charge a series ...

Save the Date: Journalism Events in 2023 you need to know [Part I]

A compilation of key journalism events/forums and conferences that will take place in 2023 worldwide. The list is indicative and is constantly updated.

ideas zone: In-person training on “Anti-surveillance and digital security”

How can journalists better defend themselves and their sources in the face of ever-growing privacy threats, online and offline? Security of communications and Anti-Surveillance will be the focus of ...

RSF: The largest number of imprisoned journalists ever recorded

RSF 2022 Round-up: The latest report from Reporters Without Borders (RSF), published on Wednesday 14, shows that 2022 was the worst year for journalists worldwide, with a record number detained, ...

Investigation: A MATTER OF HONOR

Sarah Souli investigated the murders of Fahima and her two teenage daughters, Rabiya and Farzana, whose bodies were found in Evros in October 2018.

incubator 2022: Climate Inequity

Within the context of raising awareness and informing the public about climate change, the incubator announces “Climate inequity” as the main theme for its 4th cycle.

incubator 2022: Supporting journalistic projects around the topic of Climate Inequity.

Last update: the application period closed on November 30. We are launching today the fourth, updated incubator cycle, inviting journalism professionals to submit their proposals to be supported in ...

incubator: The fourth, updated cycle of the iMEdD incubator is coming soon

After 3 calls and 21 projects from 38 creators, the incubator remains a key pillar of the organisation's mission. It is being redesigned to focus on stories within defined frameworks in order to ...

iMEdD Local News: A journalistic discussion in Thessaloniki, on the value of the regional media

On Friday 1 July, iMEdD held its first discussion outside Athens, themed "The Next Day of the Regional Press", as part of the Organization's Local News initiative.

The best European journalism: The European Press Prize announces its winners.

The European Press Prize announces the winners and runners-up of its 2022 edition.