incubator 2022: Supporting journalistic projects around the topic of Climate Inequity.

Last update: the application period closed on November 30.

We are launching today the fourth, updated incubator cycle, inviting journalism professionals to submit their proposals to be supported in the creation of original stories for publication under the theme “Climate Inequity“.

In this broad theme, stories should highlight climate inequality, opportunities to increase equity or equitable outcomes, and systemic challenges. Stories about the impacts of climate change and zero-emission economy policies on human well-being, the industrial impact on the climate crisis, clean energy, environmental and climate policies, stories about the loss of lives, the potential displacement of populations or lack of food and drinking water, the loss of jobs, the damage to infrastructure, the capitalism of disasters, stories about practices that disrupt the natural chain and contribute directly or indirectly to climate change, and stories about the impact of climate change on human well-being, etc.

The call for applications is from October 10th to November 30th 2022, with the following characteristics:

  • It is aimed at professional journalists from Greece and abroad specializing in text, photography, video or radio/podcasts 
  • The eligible formats are: text, photojournalism, podcasts and short-form journalistic videos 
  • Applications can be submitted individually or as a team 
  • Each application will have to be accompanied by a letter of intent from an editor-in-chief of a media outlet

Everything you need to know

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