SNF Dialogues present in the USA a series of open discussions on civic engagement and civil discourse

In an era marked by rapid sociopolitical changes, escalating conflicts, and technological disruptions, civic engagement has become increasingly important. At the same time, citizens often find themselves overwhelmed, and doubt their ability to effect meaningful change within their communities.

To move beyond mere “partly-cipation” and foster genuine democratic participation, it’s vital that we push ourselves to engage deeply with our communities, find collaborative solutions to common problems, and re-define what it means to be a citizen in a modern democracy.  

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) has prioritized these principles throughout its grantmaking, directing support towards organizations committed to fostering active citizenship, democratic participation, and civil discourse. 

In this spirit, SNF is excited to introduce a series of open discussions in the coming months through the SNF Dialogues initiative, aiming to encourage inclusive discussions that bridge the gap between passive involvement and active, meaningful participation in civic life. 

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