ideas zone: Our online Workshops for November

The enrolment period has now opened for the online workshops of November, which cover a wide range of the latest hot topics. Well-known Greek and foreign lecturers will share their experiences, as well as useful tools and skills, with journalists, photojournalists, journalism students and Media professionals. There are no participation fees and interested parties can attend by thematic section or for the entire cycle.

The new cycle includes the following thematic sections:

Gender and sexuality in the Media: Women’s issues
Gender and sexuality in the Media: LGBTQ issues
Analysis of public financial data for media reporting
Balance sheets and corporate financial data for media reporting
How to create a journalistic podcast
Best practices in refugee crisis coverage
Protecting sources in Greece and how to work with whistleblowers

At the same time, October workshops continue, with the presence and active participation of dozens of media professionals and students, covering topics such as the Greco-Turkish relations, the American election, the cross-border journalistic research on the Covid-19 vaccine, digital communication for journalists, self-branding and Photojournalism.

Check the program and lecturers and apply here.