Setting the backdrop for this 47th Dialogues discussion was the testimony by a former Facebook product manager turned whistleblower that the company puts profits over safety, highlighting the urgent ...

Opinion Article: “The discovery of information”

Written by Kelly Kiki, Project Manager iMEdD Lab, Data Journalist With a simple Google search for the term “data journalism”, one can easily find the basic widely reproduced information ...

Ideas zone Talks: The story behind the Prize.

A series of inspirational talks with the European Press Prize laureates, revolving around their awarded story or project.

Professor Niki Evelpidou on heavy rainfall in burnt areas.

From fires, to floods, to soil erosion and desertification, professor Niki Evelpidou explains what happens when we have heavy rainfall in burnt areas.

iMEdD becomes a member in the European Press Prize .

iMEdD became a funding member for the European Press Prize, an institution formed in 2012 by representatives of seven independent esteemed media-owning foundations in Europe.

The Graphic Journalism workshop is over.

A week dedicated to how image and word can be combined to create a story.


BOOK PRESENTATION: What is misinformation and what is the much-discussed fake news? Are we at risk when we - perhaps naively - "share" posts on social media without a second thought? Are global tech ...


Climate Change – Part 2 Rapid changes in the global climate system, humanity’s adaptation to extreme weather events, rising temperatures, and climate justice are some of the issues the audience ...

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation 25th Anniversary Short Film Challenge

Inviting Young Content Creators to Show Us the Upside of Tech. Learn more about the Film Challenge As part of its work to give a platform to voices that are essential but too rarely heard, iMEdD is ...

ideas zone: Participants announced for Graphic Journalism workshop

iMEdD, in collaboration with the international organisation Drawing the Times and the Athens Comics Library are organising a specialised workshop aimed at familiarising participants with the practice ...