iMEdD LAb: ICIJ and the Pandora Papers

Interview by Thanassis Troboukis

Gerard Ryle is ICIJ’s director. He led the worldwide teams of journalists working on the Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, and the very recent Pandora Papers investigations, the biggest in journalism history. Under his leadership, ICIJ has become one of the best-known journalism organizations in the world.

In this interview taken by Thanassis Troboukis, Data Journalist and Project Manager of the iMEdD Lab, among others, we put ICIJ in the microscope, what is its difference from other media organizations, how does it create its network of media partners, how does it select stories to investigate, as well as learn more information on the Pandora Papers investigation process and impact.

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The interview was shot at iMEdD by ANKO Flim Productions.

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