iMEdD Journalism Forum 2022: A Matter of Trust

11&12 February 2022

Is journalism still relevant and necessary? What kind of journalism do we want? How can we regain the public’s trust?


Criticism of journalists and news organisations has escalated worldwide in recent years. Many journalists are accused of being biased, influenced, not verifying information, and even failing to adhere to the codes of ethics of the function they serve. At the same time, a large proportion of them is censored and often put in danger in their efforts to bring out the truth. The public is often indifferent, abstains from public debate, does not exercise its right to scrutinise those in power, and becomes an observer, vulnerable to manipulation.

iMEdD’s International Journalism Forum raises the issue of trust in journalism in an attempt to look deeper into the causes, consequences, and possible solutions.

Renowned Greek and international speakers, journalists, media professionals, and – for the first time – the public, as the recipient and final judge of journalistic content, will intervene, take a stand and share their experience.

The aim is to listen, discuss, reflect and exchange views on how to rebuild a relationship based on honesty and transparency, with the ultimate goal of journalism regaining its role as a public good in the service of democracy.

This is a Matter of Trust.

Stay tuned at for the latest updates. Location, Speakers, Full Schedule and Registrations coming soon.