#50 SNF Dialogues

In the first SNF Dialogues webcast of 2022, participants discussed whether—and how—the social isolation and anxiety induced by the pandemic have led to an increase in violent behavior worldwide.

Τhe winners of Humanity Inspires Tech Filmmaking Competition

The young creatives were asked to tell stories about the connection between technology and humanity in two minutes or less through their choice of short-form medium.

POSTPONEMENT: iMEdD’s Journalism Forum “A Matter Of Trust”

The new date will be announced soon iMEdD’s International Journalism Forum “A Matter of Trust”, which was scheduled to take place with physical presence in Athens on 11 & 12 ...

#49 SNF Dialogues

In the final webcast of 2021, a year that, for the majority of the world, was filled with anxiety and fear, polarization and doubt, Maria Efthimiou engaged in an open discussion with the audience ...

Opinion Article: “The watchdogs and their pens”

38 professional journalists have been murdered since January 2021 and 357 are in prison. 4 citizen journalists and 4 media assistants were also killed, while 101 and 22 respectively are currently ...

iMEdD LAb: ICIJ and the Pandora Papers

The Director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), Gerard Rule, from iMEdD’s office in Athens, presents the work of the ICIJ, talks about the largest investigation in ...


The availability and quality of care, as well as questions of access and ethics, were central themes of the live Dialogues webcast.

iMEdD Journalism Forum 2022: A Matter of Trust

Is journalism still relevant and necessary? What kind of journalism do we want? How can we regain the public's trust?


Setting the backdrop for this 47th Dialogues discussion was the testimony by a former Facebook product manager turned whistleblower that the company puts profits over safety, highlighting the urgent ...

Opinion Article: “The discovery of information”

Written by Kelly Kiki, Project Manager iMEdD Lab, Data Journalist With a simple Google search for the term “data journalism”, one can easily find the basic widely reproduced information ...