Evia Film Project: iMEdD Masterclass with Yorgos Avgeropoulos:

Journalism in the production of an environmental documentary Within the framework of Evia Film Project’s (15-19 June, 2022) events, documentary filmmaker, journalist and director Yorgos Avgeropoulos ...

The best European journalism: The European Press Prize announces its winners.

The European Press Prize announces the winners and runners-up of its 2022 edition.

Opinion Article: “A Matter of Trust”

Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou I When facts are absent from this equation and misinformation prevails, then the consequences on the quality not only of journalism, but of democracy as well, are disastrous.

May 3 – World Press Freedom Day 2022

In the annual Reporters Without Borders (RSF) report, Greece went from 70th place in 2021 to 108th in one year, ranking last in the EU.

Opinion Article: “How local journalism can help protect the freedoms of a democratic society.”

Three thoughts on helping to sustain strong local journalism.

International Journalism Week 2022 by iMEdD: A Matter of Trust

5 days where international organisations, members of the journalism and student community come together to share experiences, opinions and knowledge.

Opinion Article: “Cutting through the noise with explanatory journalism”

Surprising as it may seem, the majority of Greeks often choose to remain ignorant over being informed, at a rate much higher than the average.

Τhe European Press Prize winners talk about their awarded stories and Journalism.

Awarded Journalists share their thoughts, concerns and experiences.

Τhe winners of Humanity Inspires Tech Filmmaking Competition

The young creatives were asked to tell stories about the connection between technology and humanity in two minutes or less through their choice of short-form medium.

POSTPONEMENT: iMEdD’s Journalism Forum “A Matter Of Trust”

The new date will be announced soon iMEdD’s International Journalism Forum “A Matter of Trust”, which was scheduled to take place with physical presence in Athens on 11 & 12 ...