Who is eligible to participate in the Incubator?    

The programme is aimed at professional journalists, freelancers or employees (specialising in writing, photojournalism, videojournalism, etc.). It is not aimed at students. Applications may be submitted by individuals or groups. 

What kind of projects can be supported?

iMEdD covers research and production costs for the development of journalistic projects for publication – long-form journalism, photojournalism, podcasts, short-form videos, etc.

What is the submission deadline for applications?

For 2022, the application window is open from 10 October to 30 November 2022.

Who evaluates the applications and selects the participants?    

All applications that meet the selection criteria will be evaluated by an independent assessment committee from Greece and abroad. iMEdD shall review the submitted applications solely for completeness before forwarding them to the committee for further evaluation and may ask for clarifications on the applications.

What are the criteria for selecting a project?    

Each project is evaluated on: 

The value that the proposed project adds to the overall topic  

The quality and originality of the research methods, presentation and narrative  

The feasibility of the budget and proposed timeline

Can I submit more than one application?  

It is possible for the same individual or group to submit multiple applications. However, only one application from the same individual/group will be accepted in a programme cycle. If the committee selects more than one proposal from the same individual/group, the applicant will choose which one will be included in the programme.   

What kind of work samples are required?

Any work samples (photos, videos, articles, reports, etc.) you feel best support your application and help the committee form a complete picture of your work. Samples must have been published – in any language, in Greek or international media.

Are all group members required to submit work samples?  

No. Only one member of the group is required to submit samples of published work, but additional samples of other group members will enhance the application. 

When will I be notified of the results of the process?

When the selection process is complete, all applicants will be notified by email.

What is the programme’s duration?

Projects must be completed within six months from official selection and within the submitted timeline. During implementation there will be points of evaluation of progress, designated by iMEdD’s project manager. Participants will provide updates on the progress to ensure the project’s continuation.

What does the Incubator’s support include?

-Covering research costs: travel, accommodation, food, fixers, interpreters, etc.

-Production support exclusively through iMEdD’s network of partners (photographers, sound engineers, videographers, editors, graphic artists, subtitlers)

-Νetworking opportunities with professionals from Greece and abroad 

– Possibility of collaboration with the iMEdD Lab for data gathering, analysis and visualisation

– Possibility of offering mentoring services from the international network of iMEdD partners

What costs are not covered?

iMEdD does not cover fees for participants and their partners, fixed costs (purchase of equipment etc.), costs not directly related to the implementation of the project, costs related to promotion and communication. For example, if the group submitting the application includes cameramen, there will be no remuneration. Any production service is covered exclusively by the iMEdD partner network.  

If I have received support for my project in the past, can I resubmit a proposal for a new project?    


What claims does iMEdD have over the produced project?   

iMEdD has no copyright on the project and does not interfere with its content. The result belongs exclusively to the project participants.

Who is legally responsible for the research methods and the final product?

iMEdD has no legal responsibility for the research methods and the final product. The responsibility lies solely with the participants. iMEdD assumes that the rules of journalistic ethics will be respected and reserves the right to ask for explanations and/or to withdraw its support at any stage of the implementation.

What obligations do participants have towards iMEdD?

Participants are obligated to acknowledge iMEdD’s support of the project as per the agreement, in the final publication.


  • Give as much information as you can about the stage of the pre-research you are at.
  • Explain how your work will add to the coverage of the topic, as well as to the originality of your narrative if it arises.
  • The feasibility of the timeline and the realism of the budget largely determine the success of the story and are given special consideration in the evaluation.

What do I do if I have more questions?  

Send an email to [email protected], with the subject: incubator 2022