WEB APPLICATION: Auctions in Greece

The iMEdD Lab’s web application monitors auctions in Greece since 2018.


The application was created and maintained for the purpose of informing any interested party of the evolution of auctions in our country, where auctions take place exclusively via the online auction service from February 2018 onwards, but also with a view to facilitating the work of journalists and scientists in general. It was published in October 2021, following an earlier journalistic analysis carried out by iMEdD Lab in June 2021, and is being updated with new information on a monthly basis – on the 10th day of each month.

“We study, process, analyse and give structure to data that, although publicly available, due to their volume and organisation, would remain unnoticed. The application can be seen as an “observatory” on the issue of auctions in Greece, but at the same time it can be a tool for researchers and journalists in covering the issue. Besides, like all iMEdD Lab content, it is freely available for use by the community under a Creative Commons license.”

Kelly Kiki, Project Manager iMEdD Lab – Journalist

This application shows the evolution of auctions over time, their distribution by type of property, the geographical distribution of auctioned properties, but also the classification of municipalities according to the number of auctioned houses within their boundaries. Moreover, the application shows the top-20 hasteners, namely those who have initiated the most auctions, the share of banks, offshore special purpose vehicles and domestic servicing firms in speeding up auctions, as well as an estimate on the percentage of debts that may have been repaid –considering on one hand, the total claims of the hasteners and on the other hand the starting prices in a sample of completed auctions.

The methodology on how we worked to create the application is presented in detail in the relevant publication entitled “Building the application for auctions in Greece“.

Find Here a detailed article on “How to use our application about auctions in Greece“.