COVID-19: The Spread of the Disease in Greece & Worldwide

by iMEdD Lab

The iMEdD Lab’s web application monitors the evolution of the pandemic in Greece and across the globe.

We believe in open data and transparency and that is why our work is available under a Creative Commons license and is open to everyone”

Thanasis Troboukis, Project Manager iMEdD Lab – Journalist

The “COVID-19: The spread of the disease in Greece and worldwide” web application was created and is managed by iMEdD Lab. Its purpose is to facilitate the work of the journalistic community and to inform anyone interested in the spread of the pandemic in Greece and around the world. 

The application was first launched online on 16 March 2020 and, since then, it is constantly updated with the most recently known information. From its first launch to last November, the application had been regularly updated with various new features and additional analyses. Fully redesigned as it is today, the application was presented on December 2, 2020, when iMEdD Lab launched version 2.0. 

It shows the geographical distribution of confirmed recorded cases in our country and globally, and of COVID-19 fatalities by country in the world map, while it presents the course of vaccination by region in Greece. It also comprehensively presents analyses on the evolution of epidemiologic data in Greece and across the globe, by country.

Data openness and freely available, accessible information are key principles but also prerequisites for data journalismwhich, in turn, adds value to research, documentation and storytelling.”

Kelly Kiki, Project Manager iMEdD Lab – Journalist

Any analysis about COVID-19 in Greece is originated from datasets that have been created by iMEdD Lab. Those datasets are open and available to whoever is interested. You may download those datasets and/or read further information in the relevant publication entitled “Open data on coronavirus in Greece“.

The methodology on how we worked to create the application is presented in detail in the relevant publication entitled “How the application monitoring the spread of the disease was created“.

The application allows users to integrate each view of the map and/or the graphs they wish in their pages. Please read more on possible embeddings here.