Looking back in 2022…

A look at some of iMEdD’s initiatives and content from the year we are leaving behind…


The International Journalism Week, organised by iMEdD, raised the issue of trust in journalism, in an attempt to look deeper into the causes, effects and possible solutions. For 5 days, renowned Greek and international speakers, journalists, media professionals and the public had the opportunity to attend workshops, talks, discussions, case studies, special screenings and other interactive activities. 

Christiane Amanpour talked to Panagiotis Menegos, journalist and iMEdD podcasts project manager, about the difference between neutrality and objectivity, how women’s movements strengthen democracy and why she refused to wear a vail in her recent cancelled interview with Iranian President Raisi.  

Watch the discussion video HERE

iMEdD has launched a new initiative, Local News, to highlight the vital role of local media in the quality of democracy and public debate at local and national level. 

After the launch of the new website, a meeting was held in Thessaloniki, with journalists and representatives of local media from various parts of the country, with the aim to exchange views and concerns, but also to start creating a strong community. 

The iMEdD Lab collected the data on the evolution of the unleaded gasoline and diesel price in Greece over the last five years. The information reflected in the graphs, is from the Daily Fuel Prices Bulletins (for all Greece and per prefecture), published on a daily basis in the Fuel Retail Price Observatory from March 14th 2017 onwards. 

In this analysis you will read and find interactive graphs for: 

  • The average price of unleaded and diesel fuel over time 
  • Change (%) in the average price of unleaded and diesel fuel compared to the previous year 
  • The average price of unleaded 95 octane per county in 2022 

The incubator, one of iMEdD’s main pillars, in the context of raising awareness and information on climate change, announced “Climate Inequity” as the main theme of its 4th cycle. Having received applications from professional journalists from Greece and abroad, the incubator is moving forward with the next steps of editing and briefing participants in January 2023. 

iMEdD’s podcast “No Man’s Island”, consists of 4 episodes and brings to the surface previously unknown details of the dramatic story of the crew members of the tanker Happy Lady, who spent weeks imprisoned in a natural prison in Nigeria.  

Investigation-Narration: Ioannis Papadopoulos, journalist 

The iMEdD Lab in collaboration with the MIIR (Mediterranean Institute for Investigative Reporting) and 10 journalist groups of the European Data Journalism Network, led by the Deutsche Welle, collected data from 32 countries showing how many cases and deaths were reported in prisons, how vaccinations progressed and what measures were taken to limit the spread of the virus. 

Read the full investigation HERE.

The SNF Dialogues are now 5! It has been 5 years full of discussion, in person and online, with hundreds of speakers from around the world, representing a variety of fields and points of view. 

Join us in dialogue at the revamped #SNFDialogues website & watch the discussions that took place in 2022: https://www.snfdialogues.org/en    

SNF Dialogues. Diverse Opinions, new ways of thinking. 

The SNF Dialogues are curated and moderated by Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou and are held through journalism nonprofit iMEdD. 

Spanish investigative journalist Marc Marginedas relates, in this gripping video testimonial, how he endured six months of psychological and actual torture when he was abducted by Islamic State extremists in Syria, his survivor’s guilt after his release, and how he returned to journalism.

Read more and watch the video HERE.