iMEdD Collaboration with Panteion University

The collaboration kicks off with a course section on data journalism for fourth-year students offered by iMEdD Lab

A collaboration between iMEdD  (incubator for Media Education and Development) non-profit journalism organization and Panteion University (PU) has just been formed in a bid to promote joint investigative and academic activities, encourage the exchange of expertise, help launch academic programs and ultimately communicate the outcomes of the collaboration to society. Participating bodies include iMEdD and PU Department of Communication, Media and Culture’s Journalism Laboratory (J-Lab), Communication, Media & Culture Laboratory (Media Lab) and Advertising and Public Relations Laboratory (ADandPRLAB).

The collaboration’s main objectives include:

  • Producing high-quality articles informed by studies spanning a variety of topics (from politics, sports and society to education, economics and public health)
  • Promoting the exchange of expertise, scientific methods and approaches to contemporary journalistic practices
  • Securing students’ access to real problems and data

The collaborating bodies will work together to provide:

Advisory Services: Mutual provision of advisory expertise, support and guidance during the planning and implementation stages of any joint project.

Research Opportunities: Identifying/formulating research objectives and establishing joint ventures to achieve them.

Academic Activity: Mutual virtual or physical visits between members of the academic community – under the direct supervision of university faculty members and journalists working for the Organization – to participate in jointly organized workshops, seminars, lectures, conferences, etc.

Producing research and papers exploring topics of academic and journalistic interest.

Communication: Conveying the results of the collaboration by way of communication networks to multiply the impact of the work produced.

iMEdD’s collaboration with Panteion University will kick off with a series of practical lessons on data journalism and its applications offered by iMEdD Lab, iMEdD’s main pillar focusing on the production of data-driven original content. The course section is aimed at senior (fourth-year) students of the Department of Media, Communication and Culture and it is part of Panteion University’s Journalism Lab (J-Lab) “Critical Perspectives on the Internet”, led by Assistant Professor Pantelis Vatikiotis.