Ideas zone Talks: The story behind the Prize.

iMEdD in collaboration with the European Press Prize, is hosting a series of inspirational talks with laureates, revolving around their awarded story or project.

The audience will be able to find out “the story behind the story”, how the idea was conceived, the method, the challenges and dangers, the impact, all the way to the moment it was awarded. They will also hear about pest practices and be empowered to file their own stories for the European Press Prize, and ask questions. 


Each session will also include a jury panel or preparatory committee member who will talk about the European Press Prize process, elements in a story of a project that make it stand out. 


  • The sessions will be held online 
  • The November sessions will be held in English
  • A Q&A will follow right after each session
  • Moderation: Dimitris Bounias, iMEdD ideas zone project Manager, Journalist 

Following iMEdD’s recent joining of the European Press Prize as a member, this workshop marks the beginning of our common initiatives, designed to enforce our shared goal and values.

The Schedule:


– For exceptional reporting, telling a story in the best possible way.

“The Uyghur women fighting China’s surveillance state”

Speaker: Isobel Cockerell

Preparatory Committee member: Wafaa Albadry

Thursday, November 11th, 7PM: INNOVATION AWARD

– For challenging the current boundaries of journalism by finding new ways to engage with audiences.

“’ WhatsApp Chatbot to thrive a fact-checking operation on disinformation”

Speakers: Clara Jiménez Cruz and David Fernández Sancho 

Jury member: Juan Luis Sánchez


– For discovering and revealing facts, exposing hidden news to the public.

“Kirill and Katya: Love, offshores, and administrative resources. How marrying Putin’s daughter gave Kirill Shamalov a world of opportunity”

Speaker: Roman Anin

Preparatory Committee member: Denis Džidić 

Thursday, November 25th, 7PM: SPECIAL AWARD

– The judges award a special prize for excellent journalism to one striking entry which defies categories and disciplines.

“Brutalised Minsk: how Belarusian police beat protesters”

Speaker: David Frenkel

European Press Prize Board member: Maggie O’Kane

Thursday, December 2nd, 7PM: Special Event

The Greek Laureates 

Speakers: Elina Makri, Iliana Papangeli, Stavros Malichoudis, Kostas Koukoumakas, Thanasis Troboukis, Ioannis Papadopoulos, Maria Louka

Preparatory Committee member: Lucila Rodríguez-Alarcón