iMEdD becomes a member in the European Press Prize .

iMEdD became a funding member in the European Press Prize, an institution formed in 2012 by representatives of seven independent esteemed media-owning foundations in Europe.

The prize was founded to salute and encourage journalism of the highest quality wherever it can be found in the European continent. Journalists from all 47 countries of Europe as defined by the Council of Europe are eligible to enter their work every year in specific categories: The Investigative Reporting Award – for discovering and revealing facts, exposing hidden news to the public; The Distinguished Reporting Award – for exceptional reporting, telling a story in the best possible way; The Public Discourse Award – for a remarkable textual interpretation of the world we live in; The Innovation Award – for challenging the current boundaries of journalism by finding new ways to engage with audiences; as well as The Special Award – from 2013 on, the judges have the power to award a special prize for particular excellence in journalism that defies categories and disciplines.

“There is a need of a strong journalistic community in order all of us to protect and support the required conditions for journalists to investigate and release their stories. European Press Prize promotes not only the important stories but also supports European journalists by offering them awareness and safety.  At iMEdD we believe that through a strong community of journalists all of us could try to regain the public trust and this is the reason why we support European Press Prize Initiative.”

Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou – iMEdD Managing Director, SNF DIALOGUES Executive Director, Journalist

Founding and funding organizations of the European Press Prize are Agora Foundation, Democracy and Media Foundation, The Guardian Foundation, The Irish Times Trust Limited, Jyllands-Posten Foundation, Luminate, Media Development Investment Fund, Nicolas Puech Foundation, Politiken Foundation, The Thomson Reuters Foundation and Vereniging Veronica.

We are very happy to introduce iMEdD as our newest European Press Prize member. The values of our organisations are very much aligned, since iMEdD’s mission is to support and promote transparency, credibility and independence in journalism on the grounds of securing meritocracy and excellence in the field. We, of course, wholeheartedly support this mission, and are keen on working with this ‘hands on’ member. A true partner that will support our mission not just with funds and expertise, but with projects and events that we will create and host together.

Thomas van Neerbos – European Press Prize Director

iMEdD decided to join and contribute on every level, while the ever-growing group of laureates forms a community committed to promoting the highest journalistic standards, serving the public and, by definition strengthening democracy across the continent.

We as an organisation are, and I personally am, very happy with a Greece-based member joining the European Press Prize. The knowledge and insights from a member that is based in Southern Europe, yet has an international spectrum, are very valuable to us since we would like our organisation to be a true representation of the European journalism field. We look forward to working together with iMEdD on creating events and content that showcase the diversity and quality of European journalism. “

Jennifer Athanasiou-Prins – Contracts & Partner Lead