ideas zone: Participants announced for Graphic Journalism workshop

iMEdD, in collaboration with the international organisation Drawing the Times and the Athens Comics Library are organising a specialised workshop aimed at familiarising participants with the practice of graphic journalism.

The application process has ended on Tuesday, September 21 at 23:59 pm. Participants are:

Physical Presence:

  • Vaitsopoulou Anastasia
  • Giannoulatou Marialena
  • Karageorgiou Louiza
  • Kolotsios Vaggelis
  • Konstantinidis Petros
  • Papadopoulou Ariadni
  • Papathanasiou Aggeliki
  • Tsiropoulou Tzeni

Online Presence:

  • Balwally Amey Anand
  • Gidaropoulou Panagiota
  • Mavridis Giorgos

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