Strategic cooperation with the Athens University of Economics and Business

Our cooperation with the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) has been launched, aiming at the exchange of expertise, the establishment of partnerships focusing on various research and academic issues, and the dissemination of results and knowledge to society..

The cooperation is expected to contribute to:

– Producing high-quality studies and articles based on statistical analyses of data from studies dealing with broad topics (related to society, politics, sports, education, economy, or public health).

– Sharing expertise in statistical methods and data analysis to facilitate scientific storytelling and subsequently make texts more accessible and engaging for the public.

Students will have access to real data and will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in storytelling.

More specifically, cooperation will be established in the following areas:

Advisory services: Mutual provision of advisory expertise, support and guidance during the planning and implementation stages of each Party’s actions.

Research: Identifying/formulating research objectives and establishing synergies to achieve them.

Academic activity: Mutual exchange of visits – online or in person – between members of the academic community (under the direct supervision of University faculty members) and the Organization’s journalists, in the context of workshops, seminars, lectures, conferences, etc.

Preparation of postgraduate and doctoral level papers on topics of academic and journalistic interest.

Communication: Promotion of the Parties’ activities and dissemination of collaboration results through communication networks, with a view to multiplying the impact of the work produced.