Award for Podcast in development in “Mute – The silent violence of the parting walls” by Andreas Vagias

The winner was announced at the 63rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival’s closing ceremony.

The proposal for the implementation of the podcast “Mute – The silent violence of the parting walls” by journalist Andreas Vagias, won the “award for the development of an original podcast” created by iMEdD in collaboration with the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

We read in the abstract of the application:

“As the doors of the apartments close, on the other side of the wall, the sound and horror of the abuse experienced by women around the world is drowned out between sobs. The systematic gender-based violence of everyday life is the reality for many victims who are often unable to do anything about it, while the principle of “don’t air your dirty linen in public” arms abusers to commit femicides. Following the onset of lockdowns that have increased forced cohabitation and domestic violence, women’s testimonies are bringing to light what is happening on the other side of the wall.”

The proposal scored the highest on the criteria set out (journalistic value, originality of subject and presentation, methodology, documentation and realistic context of implementation).

The winner of the award will work for 4 months with iMEdD, which will support the development of the content, the integration/enhancement of best journalistic practices, the provision of logistical equipment and the execution of production, fully covering the financial needs for the completion of the project.

The final podcast will be presented during the 25th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (March 2023), in a special event, in the Out of Competition Podcast section.